About Alipús Mezcal

Alipús contains a series of mezcal from agave espadin selected and bottled by the distillery de Los Danzantes.

It stems from the desire to preserve the role of Mezcaleros and their families in their territory so that the production of mezcal continues to be exclusive to the Oaxaca region.

Each edition takes its name from the village in which it is distilled and is an expression of the terroir, of how geographic agents interfere with fermentation and how each individual Master Distiller executes distillation processes.

Joel Cruz of San Juan, Baltazar Cruz Gomez of San Luis, Hernandez Melchor of Santa Ana, Cosme and Hirilo Hernandez of San Baltazar are the Maestros who select the agaves, bake them in stone underground ovens, grind them with horse-drawn wheels on stone floor, let the fermentation develop naturally and, finally, distill in traditional copper stills.

The whole process takes place in the villages where their families have lived for generations. Los Danzantes' research is limited only to mezcal from agaves espadin cultivated in order to limit the environmental cost deriving from the continuous selection of wild maguey to zero.

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