TarQ Rocks 260ml

TarQ Rocks 260ml

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Looking at the shape of the new TarQ range, you might recognize the sophisticated refined design of the LinQ range. It has all the functional qualities you’d expect: superb stackability, the versatility to measure up in any surroundings, and the DuraTuff® strength to withstand the roughest treatment time and time again.

The newly-created TarQ range is made from clear glass and shows an abstract interpretation of Scottish tartan. Its distinctive geometrical pattern creates a sophisticated and refined look, which complements the aesthetics of this timeless design spectacularly. These glasses are sure to add a sophisticated edge to any table setting.

The whole range offers three different shapes: the Rocks, DOF and Hi-Ball. These glasses are suitable for all types of drinks, whether it’s a soft drink, spirit or cocktail.

These glasses have DuraTuff treatment which results in remarkably durable glassware with prolonged service life.