Aegean Tonic best in class at Gin & Tonic Festival!

Last weekend, the Gin & Tonic festival - arranged to highlight and share the appreciation of craft gin and tonics – was held in the beautiful summer sun at Dylta Bruk in Örebro, Sweden.

During the festivals Gin & Tonic Awards Sweden 2022, Three Cents Aegean Tonic took home the gram slam, winning double prizes with a gold medal and “Best of..” in the category “Flavoured Tonic”.

“A pleasant coupling of cucumber and mint, with good bubbles and balance” was the jury’s expert statement - after the competition, the Aegean Tonic proved very popular among festival-goers as well, putting an even greater smile on our faces.

To our delight, Thee Cent’s Dry Tonic also walked away with a silver in the “Low-calorie” category, and the Tonic Water a bronze in the “Original Tonic” category.

We would like to humbly thank the organizers and everyone that visited for a fantastic weekend!