About Chartreuse

History, from the Elixir to the Liqueur
A liqueur made with 130 plants, this number being the only known element of a recipe that retains all its mystery, Chartreuse has carried its fame very far : that of the Chartreuse Order which developed and perfected the recipe in its different versions but , also, that of a mountain range from which the emblematic and refined drink has borrowed its name. The Chartreuse liqueur has long been able to open up to the world, almost fitting into the register of popular "culture" in many places around the world. But, as originally and outside the period when the expelled Carthusians (Chartreuse monks) were outside France, it is in the Chartreuse mountain range that its production takes place. Very close to the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse where the only two people who know "the" secret formula reside.

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