Urban Bar Free Pour 1Lt AMARILLO

Urban Bar Free Pour 1Lt AMARILLO

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A brand new design Freepour Bottle with practicalities in mind as opposed to just pouring or storing. 1.08L brim full, not a US quart which is 95cl so a 5% saving in juice bill. Air intake hole on shoulder of top, prevents blockages and allows smooth flow of juice from angled nozzle.

Choice of 6 new colours. Three pieces: coloured top, storage base and coloured storage lid. No more forcing in or off of pouring spouts, soaking or having to remove and clean pieces. All goes straight in a glass washer. Plastic is not brittle so tops less likely to break when dropped. Textured neck for easy grip. Rigid, semi transparent, waisted body for easy grip and to prevent flexing and spillage when attaching top. Fits all speed rails.

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