47 Ronin Cuchara Bartender lágrima 50cm

47 Ronin Cuchara Bartender lágrima 50cm

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This professional barspoon from the producer 47 Ronin is not only eye-catching and pristine, but also a helpful tool in many ways. The teardrop on the top gives the spoon some extra weight and makes it more balanced and easier to handle. The traditional spiral shaft is helpful for layering cocktails and with a bit of practice, can help the spoon glide more smoothly in your hand while you’re stirring. 

The extra weight that is brought in the length makes the spoon feel more comfortable and balanced, which makes it popular among bartenders that wants extra control in for example “double-stirring”.

  • This high quality barspoon is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.
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